Once your Austin swimming pool has been installed, you’re now tasked with regular pool maintenance. That said, you can minimize how much work you need to do to keep your pool water clean by investing in an automatic pool cleaner.

But while there are obvious perks to these robotic cleaners, there are also some drawbacks to consider. 

Pros of Automatic Pool Cleaners 

Great For Scrubbing 

Automatic pool cleaners are surprisingly powerful when it comes to scrubbing pool floors and walls. These pool cleaners come with pressure side and suction capabilities that can give your pool a thorough scrubbing, and can quickly dislodge any debris that may be embedded in your pool.

Filters the Water Along the Way

As your automatic pool cleaner is meandering throughout the pool, it’s filtering the water as it goes. This can alleviate the amount of work that your pool’s filters need to do. 

Circulates the Pool Water

Automatic pool cleaners also circulate the water in your pool as it cleans the pool’s surfaces. 

Cons of Automatic Pool Cleaners 


One of the biggest disadvantages of an automatic pool cleaner is the price tag associated with them. That said, the cost has gone down significantly since they were first introduced. However, the price can still be a barrier for some homeowners, though the cost may be worth the amount of time saved cleaning the pool manually.

Can’t Catch Floating Debris

Automatic cleaners tend to be limited to cleaning only what’s on the surface of the pool’s walls and floors. They can’t snag anything that may be floating on the surface of the water up top. In this case, you’ll still have to step in and manually skim the water’s surface yourself. 

Cable Length 

The power cable will follow the automatic pool cleaner as it moves along the bottom of your pool. As such, the cleaner will only be able to travel as far as the length of the cable is. 

To ensure your pool is always in tip-top shape, enlist the services of your trusted Austin pool builders at Reliant Pools.