A lot of homeowners are stuck on whether to renovate their swimming pool or just stick to their old one. Unfortunately, most people end up settling with their existing pool simply because they lack adequate information or knowledge that their pools can be remodeled. Nonetheless, thanks to the latest industry trends, anyone can transform their old pool into a luxurious and elegant pool.  An Austin swimming pool builder may recommend some upgrades depending on your budget and the location of the pool.

Some of the best upgrades you may want consider include:

Addition of natural stone coping and decking

Individuals who love colorful outdoor spaces will find that natural stone coping and decking ideal. Depending on your style of pool, you can choose from various stones such as travertine, oklahoma flag, sandstone, bluestone and crab orchard.  Contrasting materials can be used to create more attention to a specific area of the backyard. Natural stone can last for years as it does not fade and provides a better surface then stamped concrete.

Electronic auto fill

No one wants to spend time worrying about the water levels in the pool. Water levels can drop due to people coming in and out of the pool and evaporation.  When the water levels are too low, the filters and pool pumps cannot function as expected. Having an electronic auto fill ensures that your pool is filled accordingly when water levels drop. Investing in an electronic auto fill means that you don’t have to run a hose into the pool.

Quartz or mini-pebble  finish pool plaster

Previously, white marcite plaster was used to protect gunite pools from damaging. With latest advances, you can now install aggregate finish pool plaster which is not only durable, but also comes in a variety of textures and colors. The inclusion of pebbles, crystals and quartz have increased the plasters durability. With this type of finish, you can enjoy exhilarating color effects from the bottom of the pool to the surface. What’s more, the finish can be polished to provide a smooth surface. The best part is you will most likely never have to re-plaster your pool again, saving time and money on future swim seasons.

Homeowners can now enjoy luxurious swimming pools thanks to these renovation ideas. These upgrades will create beautiful scenes that show off beautiful colors whilst allowing you to focus on other things without worrying about water levels. Contact an Austin swimming pool builder today to learn more about renovations.

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