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Reliant Pools highly recommends calling a service technician if you are having problems with your equipment. These are some general guidelines, but are no substitute for a professional.

  • Do not over tighten your clamps to repair leaks. Over tightening your clamps typically will not stop water from leaking. More importantly this can lead to damage to your equipment. Excess pressure can also lead to a catastrophic failure and lead to an accident or possibly injury.


  • Before turning on your pump ensure that the line valves are open. The water needs somewhere to go, make sure there is a free path for it to travel.


  • Make sure the manual air relief valve is set to “open” before starting your pump. When you are repairing your system air usually gains entry into the system which can cause a serious failure.


  • Check for air leaks in your swimming pools system. Air bubbles coming from the return could be a symptom of air in the system. Again air in the filter system can lead to failure.


  • Make sure your Austin or Round Rock swimming pool builder never installs your equipment indoors. It is especially important to never install your heater indoors. In the rare circumstance that your equipment should be kept indoors a specialized ventilation system will need to be installed.


  • Maintain pool equipment in good working order. Replace worn and damaged clamps, electrical, gauges, etc. Contact your swimming pool builder in Austin for a checkup from time to time.


  • When it comes to electrical repairs call in a professional. Using a licensed electrician for electrical repairs gives you the peace of mind that your equipment won’t be catching on fire or giving someone a “shocking” experience.


  • Always, Always, Always shut of the electrical circuits at the panel to your pool equipment before attempting any repairs. Avoid the slightest chance of something accidently turning on and causing injury or death by shutting off the electricity at the source.

Remember these tips are no substitute for calling a professional.

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