Salt System Affects On Pool Construction

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Swimming pool builders in Austin are often asked about their thoughts concerning salt systems on swimming pools. This is a bit of a complicated answer, in some ways salt systems are fantastic, and in others they can be catastrophic. The most important thing is giving the customer all of the information so they can make an informed decision. Be aware a responsible company will require a release of liability form if the customer decides to use a salt system. This form merely states that they have been informed of what can happen, and do not hold the company responsible.

Salt is a terrific way to sanitize the swimming pool water, and although the salt generates chlorine you will not have to add chlorine to the pool. It also makes swimming more enjoyable because it will not burn your eyes, turn your hair green, your skin will not get dried out, and you will save some money on the chemicals necessary to maintain your pool. However, there are some potential long term ramifications when using salt. Over time the rock work around the pool, including coping, waterfalls, decks, and any other items that come in contact with the pool water, can degrade and develop pitting. This will result in the necessity to replace those features at a substantial cost some time in the future. This can be delayed somewhat by using harder materials and having your chemicals balanced regularly by a professional, but it is inevitable. Salt is a crystal, one of the hardest elements on earth, and as the crystal grows it breaks things apart. Not to mention the corrosive property of salt should be self evident to anyone that has been near the beach or driven on icy roads in the North. So please research salt systems in depth before making your final decision.

The good news is there are alternatives to salt systems that give you a lot of the same benefits. Most notably UV systems offered by companies like Delta and Spectra Light. Make sure to ask your Austin or Round Rock pool builder about UV systems, ozone systems, or the various mineral system alternatives before adding a salt system to your new swimming pool.


Salt Damage

This is what salt water does to your coping over time.


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