If you want to swim in clean, clear pool water, it’s imperative that you treat it with some form of safe and sanitary pool water chemical. For decades, chlorine has been the more popular type of chemicals out there for this specific purpose. However, over recent years, salt water has become more popular after having a pool installed by a swimming pool builder Austin, TX, especially for those who prefer to have much less harsh chemicals cleaning their pool water.

In order to ensure that all harmful bacteria, algae, and other types of organic matter does not infest the pool water, the process of chlorination is critical. Chlorination is also important for ensuring that the water is completely disinfected before bathers spend any amount of time immersed in the water.

That said, the use of liquid chemicals to attain these goals also comes with some negative side effects, including eye irritation, dry skin, and discoloration of bathing suits and hair. There’s also the inherent danger that comes with handling these types of dangerous chemicals.

Salt water chlorination systems, on the other hand, are much easier to maintain and don’t involve the types of hazards and issues as described above.

However, salt water is still not always the most recommended way to go in terms of keeping water clean and sanitized after having your pool installed by a swimming pool builder Austin, TX. That’s because salt water pools tend to be very corrosive to the rock work and equipment over time, typically about 5 years down the road. Salt is a crystal, second hardest only to diamond. As the water evaporates, the crystal slowly grows and eventually cracks rock or concrete and can even rust metal equipment.

If the pool water is properly maintained and the chemicals are well balanced on a regular basis, these issues might not necessarily be as serious. However, it can still be very challenging to keep up with such chemical balancing, which is why salt water is typically not recommended.

UV Systems offer most of the same benefits as salt system without all the potential damaging effects to rock work and equipment.

Your professional swimming pool builder Austin, TX who installs and maintains your pool will know the processes needed to adequately deal with these systems, so you would be well advised to rely on their abilities regarding maintaining the pool water cleaning system.