Your Austin swimming pool comes with a filter system that is tasked with maintaining cleanliness of the water and making sure the water is always fresh. It also helps to remove debris from the water, like leaves, so they don’t settle at the bottom of the pool. 

But the filter can’t do all the work. In many cases, it’s necessary to regularly vacuum your pool to remove any settled debris or anything that may be sticking to the walls of your pool. While you can always manually vacuum your pool yourself, you may want to invest in a robot vacuum that automatically does the work for you when needed. 

The Technology

A traditional vacuum versus a robot vacuum differ in terms of technology, which is something you will want to consider. And with any type of technology comes the requirement to get familiar with how the gadget works, so you may want to understand how a robot vacuum operates before you get one. 

The Cost

As you would expect, a robot pool vacuum is more expensive than a traditional vacuum, and cost is always something that you should factor in when purchasing add-ons for your Austin swimming pool.

The Time

If you are short on time and don’t have enough of it to dedicate to cleaning your pool, then a robot vacuum may be a great option. Just as a robot vacuum for your home can take care of keeping your floors clean for you with no effort on your part, so can a robot vacuum do the same for your swimming pool. 

The Labor

Unless you hire a professional Austin pool builder to tackle the pool maintenance for you, manual vacuuming can be laborious. If you don’t have the desire to put in a little elbow grease to keep your pool water clean, then a robot vacuum may be warranted.