You’ve decided to build a swimming pool to complete your Austin home’s backyard. Fantastic! A swimming pool can provide you and your family with the perfect way to enjoy some outdoor time without having to navigate far from home. 

But when it comes to pool construction, what types of materials should you consider?

Gunite swimming pools are popular among Austin homeowners, as they promise robust construction and long-lasting integrity, which is why reputable Austin swimming pool builders often use such material in their pool construction projects. 

The question is, should you use gunite for your pool? And what exactly is gunite, anyway?

What is Gunite?

Simply put, gunite is a combination of cement, water, and sand and is applied with a hose under high pressure. Once the material is given a chance to cure and settle, the gunite transforms into a hard material that gives the pool its durable structure and base. 

As if gunite itself wasn’t strong enough, it’s strengthened even more when used in conjunction with steel. After the excavation of the area to make room for the pool, steel bars are placed to create a framework throughout the entire area of the swimming pool. 

This steel frame does not touch the ground underneath it, but rather is suspended a few inches above to allow enough space for the gunite material to be applied. It’s this combination that creates a solid floor and walls of the pool. 

Aside from its strength and sturdiness, gunite is also great for its flexibility You can create any shape or size pool with gunite, which is why homeowners looking for a fully customized pool often go with gunite. 

If you’re looking to have a swimming pool installed in your outdoor space, get in touch with your trusted Austin pool builder today!