Designing Your Pool For Playing Sports

Even if you’re not an avid athlete or don’t participate in recreational sports very much, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t enjoy playing a few sports or games when hanging out in your pool. There are plenty of benefits to a sports-designed pool that many homeowners don’t even realize until it’s been designed and built by your pool cleaning Austin tx.

A sports or play pool looks pretty much like just about every average pool built by an Austin pool builder. The difference is that the sports or play element is tucked away under the water and is hardly even noticeable to anyone who isn’t in the water.

Unlike a swimming pool which begins with a shallow end and ends with a deep, a sports pool has two shallow ends with a deeper area in the middle. This type of pool configuration is typically 3 1/2ft x 5ft x 4 1/2ft, and can work with many different shapes and is therefore quite versatile.

Setting up a volleyball net in the middle of the swimming pool and having teams on either end in shallow water is easy with this type of design. In addition, everyone can take part in other types of active games more easily as well, such as throwing balls into a hoop on the deck.

These types of swimming pools also provide an extra element of safety and security for kids who enjoy jumping into the water from the side of the pool. Bathers who get into the water this way are not as likely to hit a sloping wall, which is known to happen in conventional deep-end pools. In addition, there is no 8-foot deep end for bathers to get stranded in. And since there are two shallow ends, there is a spot to place their feet close by, especially for children or adults who aren’t strong swimmers.

Your swimming pool builder Austin Tx will map out the depth of the shallow ends and the deeper middle area to suit your specific needs. Give your pool contractor a call today to get your sports or play pool designed and built for years of enjoyment!