Round Rock Swimming Pool Permits and Code Compliance

by | Feb 23, 2015 | Austin Pool Builders | 0 comments

Swimming pool permits in Round Rock fall under “remodels, finish outs, and additions.” They require a permit fee along with a complete set of construction plans and a completed permit application. The review time is typically less than one week. Your swimming pool builder in Round Rock should fill out all of the necessary paperwork and submit it for you. Typically all that is required of the homeowner is at most a few signatures. In order to comply with Round Rock city ordinances it is the responsibility of the home owner to have self latching gates as well as alarms on any door that accesses the pool from the house. These alarms must be separate from the burglary alarm system and have over 100 decibels of sound. Some inspectors will also require them on any window with access to the pool area. One of the more common code violations in Round Rock, or any city including Austin, is an unsecured pool fence. That’s why it is important at the very least to have fence access doors with self closing springs and latches.  An obvious added layer of security is adding locks to all of your gates. These are some basic guidelines to follow, you can find more in depth information on the subject by digging into the IRC or International Residential Code.

Elijah May