Swimming Pool Decking Options

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Austin Pool Builders, Round Rock Pool Builder | 0 comments

Pool decking plays an important roll in your overall backyard experience. Backyards are not only used for relaxation, but also for entertaining  friends and family. Your pool deck can provide a backdrop for the entire poolscape. While choosing a pool deck may not be as exciting as selecting pool features, it can have a huge impact on the overall look of your backyard.

Pool decking is available in different styles, patterns and materials.  Swimming pool decking gives you the option of choosing a modern look or a more intimate backyard feel. A lot of pool owners spend most of their time on the decks, therefore it is essential to choose the right deck.

Here are some options to consider.

Natural stone

You can choose from a variety of stone to create a beautiful pool deck. Stones may vary in shape and size while others may differ in uniformity. Natural stone decking is expensive due to the labor costs to set it and the extra cost of the materials. Nonetheless, it is the one option that provides the most organic and beautiful pool decks. Flagstone Select and Travertine stone are two of the best options for Texas swimming pools depending on the look you are going for.


Concrete with a porous salt finish is a common type of material used in creating swimming pool decks. Concrete is popular for malleability and affordability.  Concrete can also be stamped with various patterns. Stay away from exposed aggregate where crushed rocks are pressed into wet concrete to create a highly textured surface as it is very abrasive to wet feet. A popular option to add to concrete decks is “spray deck or cool deck” which is an acrylic overlay that looks similar to textured walls in a home. The acrylic overlay can tie in existing decks with the new decks to create a uniform color palette.


Pavers are made of concrete and look like brick pieces. Manufacturers use different molds and coloring agents to create pavers of different shapes, sizes and colors.  When being installed, pavers are laid over a compacted base material that has a sand setting bed. The joints are then filled with polymer sand to ensure that they provide a slip resistant surface. This pool decking option is durable and offers the look of natural stone.  What’s more, pavers can be removed or added when the need arises. Keep in mind if stone is not set on top of concrete it is prone to failure and needing reset over the years. For this reason it is not recommended.

Wood decks

If you are looking for a natural or modern way to spruce up your backyard, wood decks provide a unique, yet appealing look to any pool side.  You can choose from various types of wood, however Ipe is recommended for it’s beautiful look and durability. Be wary of using Trex decks around pools as the plastic composition can get extremely hot and burn bare feet.

These are some of the pool decking options to consider. If you are confused over which type of decking to choose from, an Austin pool builder can help you make the right choice depending on your budget and needs.