Swimming Pool Fire Features

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Austin Pool Builders | 0 comments

Creating a perfect outdoor living space is every homeowner’s dream. If you are looking for a dramatic effect, Austin pool builders can help you achieve this through the use of fire features. Adding a fire feature is a great way to add the wow factor to your pool. Anyone visiting or sitting around your pool will find these fire features attention grabbing.

A lot of homeowners are concerned about the safety of fire features. With an Austin pool building company, you’re rest assured that they use the highest quality materials when installing and creating fire elements. Fire features can withstand any extreme weather condition.

Some of the fire features that can be built include:

Fire bowls

Fire bowls are a great addition for the perimeter of your pool. Additionally, these bowls can be combined with water features to create a water/fire element in form of a fire fountain. Most fire bowls are made of high quality durable materials either from copper or concrete. What’s more, you can place the bowls on a patio, or even on a column. Although they are smaller than fire pits, bowls create enough flame to give off light and heat.

Fire pits

Pits are an excellent option for any homeowner looking to place a fire feature near water. Moreover, pits can be moved to fit any outdoor décor needs and can be used in any season. Fire pits are available in different designs and styles. Guests can mingle around your fire pit or you can use the pits when entertaining guests as a source of light and warmth.

Fire inserts

You can have a natural looking fire feature incorporated into an artificial rock to give your surrounding pool scape an extraordinary look.


An Austin pool builder can take your fireplace outdoors by installing a hearth into a pool area or your patio.  Hearth designs vary from simple to very elaborate depending on one’s preferences.

Adding a fire feature is an awesome way to transform your pool. Consult an Austin, TX pool building expert today about your needs and the available options you can choose from.