Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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A swimming pool can be a great place to relax and take time out after a long day. However, a pool won’t do you any good if you can’t use it. While a lot of homeowners are careful when it comes to maintaining their pool, some may make mistakes without knowing. This can render their pools useless over time. Some of the common mistakes to avoid include:

Failure to run the pump consistently

A lot of people will avoid running their pump in order to save on their energy bills. What they don’t realize is that this money goes back into chemicals and servicing because the pump doesn’t run. Failing to run the pump at high speed twice per day for 4 hours could turn your blue pool water green. Furthermore, you need to be careful about letting a dog jump in for a swim as their fur could clog the pump. Remember to have the filter and skimmer basket cleaned each time the dog is done swimming.

Failure to add enough chlorine

If you have a pool that is used a lot by people every other day, it’s essential to ensure that all the chemicals are balanced and this includes chlorine. Remember to clean the filters to keep algae from accumulating in your pool. A chlorine floater can be used to maintain the right levels of chlorine in the pool. Hopefully your Austin pool builder included an automatic chlorine feeder that will allow you to easily dial up or down the amount of chlorine introduced into your pool.

Neglecting to clean the pool

Even though you have a pool filter that is functioning, you still need to clean the pool water. Debris and bugs can clog your filter if they are not removed regularly.  Automatic pool cleaners or regular vacuuming will keep the pool clean.

Inappropriate use of algaecide

Most algaecides reduce a pool’s chlorine level when applied. Thus, if your pool doesn’t have enough chlorine, the algaecide may be the catalyst that turns your pool green. Before the algaecide treatment, you need to ensure that the chlorine levels are high. Remember to leave the pool pump running to help spread the algaecide well within the water.

Not brushing the pool

During the pool season, it is critical to brush your pool at least once a week.  A PVC bristle brush would be best suited to clean as it’s not too abrasive. Brush the bottom and sides of the pool.

These are some of the pool maintenance mistakes you need to avoid. While mistakes are bound to happen from time to time, it’s best to learn from them. For more on swimming pool maintenance, contact an Austin pool builder.

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