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One decision a client will have to make with their swimming pool builder is what interior finish they want in their pool. The four most common choices are, plaster, quartz, pebble, or all tile. There are benefits to each of these, and it is our job, as swimming pool building professionals to inform our customers of the pros and cons of each choice.
The cheapest and most commonly used surface material used by swimming pool builders is plaster. This is generally what is included in the basic price of the swimming pool project, and has been used for many years. It should be noted that this product will need to be replaced in about 8 to 10 years depending on how well you maintain your pools chemistry. At Reliant pools we have found that plaster is only sold on remodels where the homeowner doesn’t expect to be in the home for very much longer.
The next option would be for you pool builder to use an aggregate interior. This would include products like mini pebble or Pebble-Tec, and also include quartz finishes like, Diamond Bright, or Quartz Scapes. These finishes will all be an upgrade financially from plaster. The best part about these finishes is they almost always carry a limited lifetime warranty and very rarely ever have to be replaced. They also open up the color palette for the water of your swimming pool.
The last and most expensive option, would be an all tile finish. This is the nicest of the interiors, and should last forever. The biggest advantage is that the pool is very smooth, and can be just about any color you want. It can also incorporate intricate designs into the tile or even glow in the dark tiles to illuminate like stars in the bottom of your pool at night. The cost associated with the tile is significant, especially if you chose to do glass tile, but it truly is a breathtaking feature.

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