Swimming Pool Shapes To Consider For Your Backyard

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Austin Pool Builders | 0 comments

Choosing the shape of your pool is one of the big decisions most homeowners faces  An Austin, TX  pool contractor can shape your pool in whichever way you prefer. It’s therefore essential to know the popular types of swimming pools shapes available. Moreover, particular shapes complement the surrounding structures and landscape.

If you decide to place a pool near your home, it should fit in with the home’s architecture. For a pool in the backyard, a freeform shape would be ideal as it looks more natural and easily complements the landscape.

Some of the popular swimming pool shapes include:

Freeform pools

These type of pools do not have to obey any rules of geometry. Freeform pools can become what the builder visualizes. Moreover, these types of pools blend seamlessly with the surroundings giving the area an organic appearance. If you love adventure, you can mimic a secret oasis, a tranquil waterway or a tropical lagoon with a freeform pool.

Homeowners who would like to incorporate a pool into an already developed area will find freeform pool an excellent option. The builder can match the pool to the surroundings ensuring that everything is in sync.

Kidney shaped pools

This type of pool resembles a long oval with an indentation on the side. A kidney shaped pool can fit any size of backyard and it looks more natural compared to geometric type pools. If you are looking to enhance the pool, you can place a spa to one area of the pool. You can also add accents like glass tile, a textured finish or natural coping to customize the pool.

Geometric Pools

These have hard straight lines and come many rectangular configurations. They often look best with modern homes, but can be fashioned to look good in any setting by adding roman design elements.

L-Shaped Pool

This shape was an extension of the rectangular pool. L-shaped pools are ideal for people who like to train by swimming laps or exercise. Additionally, this type of pool has a shallow end perfect for young swimmers.

Grecian pools

Grecian pools gave cut corners that form an octagon. They are able to blend in with different structural designs.

These are some of the remarkable and beautiful pool shapes to consider for your backyard. Before choosing any shape, be sure to consult a swimming pool building company in Austin, TX.