Your Austin swimming pool is designed to provide you and your family with seemingly endless enjoyment. But while they’re certainly fun to have, swimming pools also require a certain amount of maintenance to ensure that not only the pool and its components and equipment remain in optimal form, but also the pool water is safe for swimming in. 

Considering this, you’ll require a few key tools available to you at all times to help ensure that your pool is properly maintained.

Here are a few tools you should have at your disposal. 

Water Testing Kit

A water testing kit will allow you to test the chemical make-up of the pool water. This will tell you what’s in the water and whether or not it’s safe enough for bathers. Ideally, you should test the water on a weekly basis. 


Depending on the weather and the conditions of the water, it’s easy for algae to grow quickly in your pool water. Luckily, algaecide can keep algae growth at bay. 


A pool skimmer is one of the basic tools that pool owners should have in their arsenal, and for good reason. Skimmers are key to eliminating debris from the pool water, which is important both from an aesthetic standpoint and to help ensure that the pool filter keeps functioning properly.

Telescopic Pool Pole

A pool pole extends a few feet out to help you reach areas of the water where debris may be lingering. 


A pool vacuum can help remove any debris deeper in the water that a skimmer may have left behind.

Stain Eraser

An easy way to remove stains or scum lines from your swimming pool is with a stain eraser made specifically for pools. Rather than using an overly abrasive pumice stone, a stain eraser is gentler yet still effective in concrete and vinyl pools. It can be used to eliminate stains from rust, calcium, algae, paint, metal, and others.

Learn more about how to care for your pool by getting in touch with your local Austin swimming pool builder!