What time of year is the best time to buy a pool?  This is a question I am constantly asked by potential customers.  There is no right answer to this question, as there are pros and cons to each season.  Let’s visit these pros and cons to help you decide what season will be best for you and your family. 

We’ll start with the fall/winter season.  This would be my first choice as the best time, because generally the homeowner is not in a rush to complete the project, and contractors are not as busy as they will be in the spring and summer.  Also, because contractors are not as busy, they may offer some cost savings.  The down sides to fall construction are that once the project is complete, there may be several months before you can actually use the pool, and the construction can bleed into the holiday months.

Spring is the next season, and this is usually the busiest time for pool sales, but not construction.  The reason for this is that people have been planning to build, and want to time it so that construction is complete just prior to the swim season, so they finalize the paperwork at this time. The down sides to this time of year are that it might take a while for your designer to get everything put together for you because they are usually swamped, you probably won’t see any additional discounts, and it could start to cut into the beginning of the swim season.

Summer is the final season, and this is the busiest time of year for swimming pool contractors.  The main advantages to summer construction are that you will have very few rain delays, and will be able to use the pool immediately after construction is complete – who doesn’t want a pool during our hot Texas summers? However, there are some negatives as well to waiting until summer. Because it is our busiest time of year, construction can take a bit longer, you are usually in a rush to get it completed, and therefore might overlook something important, and you could start to run out of swim season.

The good news is that central Texas has the second longest swim season in the nation, behind south Florida, so more than likely you will get to utilize your pool fairly soon after its completion no matter what time of year you decide to build, and with the addition of a hot tub, that will definitely be true.

Hope this helps, and thanks for reading,


David Akins

Reliant Pools