Tanning Ledge or Beach entry swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in Austin, TX. Essentially, they are pools that feature a gradual walk-in entry into the water, similar to what you would experience when walking into the ocean. Beach is also known as “zero-entry” pools, this type of pool design is highly convenient and safe as it eliminates the need for pool steps to get in and out of the water. However it takes a very large pool to incorporate this. That’s why a hybrid design that incorporates 2 steps is used more often. The most popular option is still the tanning ledge which you step down into, but still gives you that beach feel.


Your trusted Austin, TX swimming pool contractor can work with you to come up with the perfect design for your beach or tanning ledge entry pool. Ask your Austin pool builder about using sand colored quartz or mini pebble on your entry area to really bring the sandy beach feel to your swimming pool.


Many homeowners with little kids appreciate beach or tanning ledge entry pools as they provide a means to walk safely into the water without being immediately submerged in it. Keep in mind the choice of the slope of this type of pool design can create a larger area of shallow water that is much safer for little children to play in. The elderly and disabled will also find beach entry pools very convenient and safe, making it much easier to access the water despite their limited mobility.


Sunbathers will also find this expanse of shallow water convenient and comfortable to take in the sun’s rays while keeping cool at the same time.


In addition to functional benefits of beach or tanning ledge entry swimming pools, this particular type of pool design is also aesthetically appealing and can create a wonderful beach like vibe for your pool area. You may even want to consider adding a natural pool design along with this type of pool and incorporate things like sand, waterfalls, and natural stones. Imagine having direct access to your own backyard beach oasis – no traveling needed!


Call your trusted Austin, TX swimming pool builders today to have your very own pool designed and installed!