The basics of pool depth

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Austin Pool Builders | 0 comments

There are a great number of choices to be made when purchasing an in-ground swimming pool; what type of coping, size of the tanning ledge, and which filtration system is best, being just a few of them. One choice that can seem unimportant, or easily overlooked, is the depth of the pool itself. Below are some basic measurements of depth and how they relate to how you and your family utilize your new swimming pool.

Entry Level Swimmers (3′-3.5′): For new swimmers of all ages, this depth allows for safety and comfort during the learning process. This area would also serve as a “play” area that could be easily supervised.

Advanced Swimmers/Hangout (3.5′-4′): To the swimmer interested in exercise, you will typically need at least 3.5′ of water to avoid contact with the interior pool surfaces. For lounging and leisurely endeavors, this range of depth offers most swimmers a waist high water level to enjoy a cool drink and socialize while staying partially submerged.

Sports/Activites (4′-5′): For pool volleyball, basketball, and other activities, this range of depth offers the sports-minded family a good amount of water in which to make the above sports fun and challenging.

The Deep End (6’+): For most people, finding yourself in water 6′ or deeper, means that you are treading water. While good practice for hazardous situations, it is generally considered unused space for most pool activities.

When deciding on the depth of your new swimming pool, determining what activities you, and your family and friends plan on participating in, is essential in making your selection of depths. Also, taking into consideration height of the people using the pool also can affect that decision. As always, the design team at Reliant Pools is here and ready to help you along with the process.