The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Austin Swimming Pool

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Unless you enlist the services of a pool maintenance company, you’ll need to keep up with a list of tasks on your own to ensure your pool is properly maintained. The key is to make sure your pool water is clean and sanitized, and that all pool equipment works properly. 

But unfortunately, there are some mistakes that homeowners sometimes make that can sabotage the health and integrity of your pool.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to pool maintenance in Austin.

DO Balance Chemical Levels Regularly

One of the most important things to do as a pool owner is to ensure the water is in proper balance. That means its acidity and alkalinity must be within specific ranges to ensure that the water is safe enough to swim in. 

Ideally, you should equip yourself with test strips and test the water a few times a week. This will give you the chance to see if there are any issues with the water that would require you to add more chemicals. 

DO Shock the Water as Required

Every so often, you should shock your Austin pool’s water. Usually, shocking may be needed after you’ve had a lot of people swimming in the pool at once (usually during pool parties) or after a big rain storm. 

DO Keep an Eye on the Water Level

Pool parties and storms can do more than just throw off the water chemicals. They can also affect water levels. 

Lots of swimmers jumping into the water can cause a lot of water to exit the pool, causing low levels. Conversely, a big downpour can dump a lot of water in the pool, causing the level to rise. Either way, you’ll need to do what’s necessary to keep the water levels roughly around the skimmer level.

DON’T Forget About the Filter

Your filters can quickly accumulate a lot of debris. Make sure you clean them out often so they continue to function properly. 

DON’T Shock the Water During the Peak of the Day

The best time of the day to shock your pool water is in the evening after the sun goes down. If you do it during the day, the hot sun rays will cause the chemicals to evaporate quickly, which interferes with the job they’re supposed to be doing. 

DON’T Jump in Without Having Tested the Water First

If you haven’t used your pool in a while or haven’t given it much attention, don’t jump in until you’ve cleared the debris, tested the water, added the necessary chemicals, and ensured all the equipment is working properly.

For more help on maintaining or installing a swimming pool, call your trusted Austin pool builders!