The main reasons people are torn about building a swimming pool

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What I have found over the years in this industry, by speaking with home owners and other pool contractors as well, is that the three biggest concerns for homeowners now are the same concerns they have had for years.  These are:  How much maintenance is involved in having a pool; what will the monthly expense be; and what are the safety issues.  These have also been our industry’s main focus for years, and we have made incredible progress in all areas.  With energy efficient equipment and ulterior sanitization systems, the monthly expense of owning a pool has never been less.  With self cleaning systems and computer automation, the maintenance is very low as well. As to the question of safety – covers, fencing, pool alarms, and laser perimeter alarms are just some of the ways we have increased the safety of pool ownership.  The reality is that there will be some additional expense, maintenance, and safety concerns associated with owning a swimming pool.  However, with today’s technology, there have been amazing strides to handle all of these issues, and we will continue to make advancements in theses areas in the future.

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