If you’ve got kids in the house, you’ll definitely give them more reason to want to spend time in the pool if you add a slide! 

The thing is, you can’t just arbitrarily buy a pool slide and plunk it down beside your pool. There are a few important factors to consider before having a pool slide installed, including the following.

Space and Location

One of the first things to think about is where you will place the slide and the amount of space you have available to install it. Various types and styles of slides need different amounts of space, in addition to the space needed for the ladder. You will need adequate decking around the pool slide, otherwise, you will compromise its accessibility.

Size and Height

How high would you like the slide to be? And does your pool area allow for the specific height you want? When choosing the height and size of the pool slide, you’ll need to consider the available space around the pool. Swimming pool slide heights range from 4 to 14 feet on average, though there are some that fall outside this range. 


Some pool slides are straight while others have some bends or twists to them. Decide which type of slide you and the family will enjoy most, and make sure the space around the pool can accommodate your chosen style. 

Local Regulations

Safety should always come first when it comes to swimming pools and the accessories that accompany them, like pool slides. Different jurisdictions have their own regulations when it comes to safety guidelines for pools, so you should find out exactly where the requirements and restrictions are in your area before installing a pool slide. 

If installing a pool slide is on the agenda for you, be sure to call Reliant Pools, your trusted Austin swimming pool builder!