Tips for Energy Efficient Swimming Pools in Austin, TX

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Austin Pool Builders, Leander Pool Builders, Round Rock Pool Builder, Swimming Pool Education | 0 comments

Owning a swimming pool is great for cooling off on a hot Austin, Texas summer day. Nonetheless, pools do consume electricity and energy efficiency should be a top concern. Pool pumps, water chillers, gas heaters, and swimming pool plumbing all contribute to the overall energy costs of a swimming pool.

Energy is used to pump water through the filter to ensure that your pool is safe and clean. Pool lights, heating your pool, and cleaning systems all require energy. The usage is what contribute to energy costs. The good news is that you can still own a pool and reduce energy costs.

Here are some tips that will help you cut down costs.

400kBTU Gas Heaters or Solar

If you plan on heating your pool in Central Texas year round you will need to use a gas heater. Use the largest residential heater available, the 400KBTU heater to maximize efficiency. If you are building a pool spa combo with a reputable Austin pool builder, chances are you will already have a 400kBTU heater you can use to heat the pool with the flip of a valve. Alternatively if you would like to add one to two months of swimming to either end of your swim season you can add a solar heater that will save you on the costs associated with monthly gas bills.

If you plan on heating your pool invest in a pool cover

A home pool cover is one of the biggest energy saving items you can invest in. You can choose a sophisticated model that unfolds when you push a button or a solar cover that looks like a big sheet of bubble wrap. The cover helps to cut down on evaporation, water that has been through heating and filtration systems. When your pool is not in use, it’s essential to cover it to reduce evaporation and this translates into less energy.

Purchase an energy efficient pool pump

One of the biggest mistake homeowners make is to buy a pump that is either larger than it needs to be or smaller. Check in with an Austin pool builder to determine how large a pump is needed for the size of your pool.  Finding a right sized pump can significantly save energy costs. A variable speed ENERGY STAR certified model is highly recommended.

Install a computerized system or at the very least a timer

Having a timer installed on the filter pump can save you up to 45% on filtration costs. Typically high end swimming pool builders in Austin will opt for a computerized system that incorporates smart phone controls allowing you to automate almost any feature on your swimming pool.

Be prompt and regular about maintenance

Just like the way you maintain a car, a swimming pool also needs the same care and maintenance. Clean out debris that has built up in the filter and run your pump consistently twice per day.

Have your pool builder use eco smart plumbing

If your Austin, TX pool builder plumbs your pool with eco smart plumbing techniques and avoids 90 degree turn fittings it can greatly increase the efficiency of your pump.

These are some of the ways you can still own a pool and cut down on your energy costs. In the long run, operating a pool can be a rewarding experience. Consult an Austin pool building company today to learn more ways you can save energy.