If you already have a pool in your backyard but are looking for some way to give it a functional and aesthetic boost, there are some additions and installations that you’re Austin pool builder can make for you. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Add a Spa

Boost the luxury of your swimming pool by adding a spa. This addition will allow you to easily transition from your pool to your jet-filled spa, giving your pool experience a much more eloquent and cozy feel. Plus, it’s great for entertaining.

Add Water Features

A fabulous way to upgrade your existing Austin swimming pool is to add some water features to it, which come in a wide variety of options. Your Austin pool builder can help you incorporate waterfalls, water fountains, water walls, deck jets, and so much more to give your pool a boost. Not only are water features more pleasing to the eye, but they also add some calming sounds too.

Add Lighting

Installing lights both inside the pool and around the surrounding deck can give your entire yard an amazing ambience. You can install lighting that allows you to change the colors or dim the lighting as the night falls.

Add a Swim Deck

Give yourself and your family a perfect place to sunbathe without roasting from the sun’s heat with a swim deck inside your pool. Your trusted Austin pool builder can install a pool deck that allows you to immerse yourself in just a foot or two of water to keep cool while soaking in the sun’s rays. You can even affix lounge chairs in the swim deck for a built-in sunbathing experience in your pool.

Upgrade Your Pool’s Edges

If the space permits, change the edges of your pool to allow for a zero-gravity or beach-like entry that makes it easier for kids or elderly folks to enter the pool.