Tips to Keeping Bees and Insects Away From Your Swimming Pool

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Austin Pool Builders, Leander Pool Builders, swimming pool builders Austin Texas | 0 comments

A swimming pool built in Austin, Texas is not just something that attracts people who are looking to cool off; unfortunately, they’re also a magnet for bees and other insects. Having these little pests swarm around you while you’re trying to enjoy your pool can put a damper on your time spent outdoors.


Not only do they love the water, they also love the chemicals that are used to keep the pool water clean and sanitized. While bees may be annoying and bothersome, there are simple and effective ways to deal with them. Here are some helpful tips to keep bees at bay so you can enjoy your pool in peace!


Scatter Dryer Sheets About


Those dryer sheets are certainly helpful at softening your clothes and eliminating static cling, but they also serve other household purposes as well, including keeping best away from your pool. Simply scatter dryer sheets around the area of your pool in various spots, including in potted plants, between bushes, and so on. Bees do not like the scent of these dryer sheets and will be repelled by them, which should keep them away.


Plant Decoy Nests


Get yourself some decoy nests and place them at a distance from the pool. These nests give bees a separate spot to nest so that they’re not swarming over you and your swimming pool, and may eventually even leave the nests they’ve built so you can get rid of them.


Hang Raw Meat


You might be looking forward to barbecuing your favorite cut of meat by the pool, but that raw meat can serve another purpose – getting rid of bees. Hang a small amount of raw meat over top a bucket with a mix of water and detergent. After the bees are attracted to the meat, they’ll fall off of it and land in the bucket so you can easily get rid of them.


Place Cups of Soda Around


Bees are attracted to the sweet scent of soda and juice. You may have already noticed that they seem to come out in swarms when you’re enjoying your favorite beverage by the pool. Pour some soda into a few cups and scatter them a distance away from your pool so they’ll be distracted while you enjoy your time outdoors.


If you don’t currently have an in-ground pool and are thinking of having one installed, get in touch with a custom swimming pool builder in Austin, TX today.