Having a pool installed by an Austin pool builder requires a lot of maintenance, and without proper care, a lot can go wrong. Take the pool water, for instance. In order for it to stay clean and safe for swimming in, the chemicals needed to be properly balanced. If not, all sorts of things can go wrong, including the build up of unsightly and unhealthy algae. Nobody wants to swim in murky, green water. Luckily, you can keep that nasty algae out of your pool with a few handy tips.

Eliminate All Items With a Semi-Soft Surface

All those accessories and pool toys that you have in the pool should be taken out after use. Not only is this safer for your pool filter, but it will also reduce the chances of any algae from accumulating on them. Semi-soft surfaces are notorious for being contaminated with algae if they have been left in the water for too long. That includes things such as pool noodles, floaties, nets, and any cleaning parts that have a soft surface.

Use the Right Pool Chemicals

There are many chemicals available on the market that you can get that will completely eliminate any algae that has been left to linger, and even prevent it from coming back. The type of water, filtration system, and the size of your swimming pool can have an effect on your use of these chemicals, so you would be well advised to speak with your trusted swimming pool builder Austin, TX for suggestions about a supplier who can go over all of the options with you.

Used properly, these products can be highly effective in keeping your swimming pool free of algae. While these chemicals might require more money and effort, they can be much more effective at eliminating algae for good.

Drain the Pool as a Last Resort

While not very common, there may be times when the algae is so bad that the entire pool may have to be drained in order to completely eradicate it. This is for severe situations, and thankfully is not always necessary. Should this scenario arise, you should speak with your Austin pool builder to ensure a thorough job.

Algae is not something you want living in your pool. With proper precautions, you can enjoy a clean, sparkling pool year-round!