Everyone who owns a home knows how expensive it can be to maintain. That said, there are still things that can be done and tools that can be used that can help slash your monthly bills, and that includes the expenses related to operating your pool.


Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies that can be implemented with your pool built by pool contractors Austin TX, you can effectively save quite a bit of money.


Upgrade your filter. There are new filters on the market that are much more effective than conventional sand filters and conserve water and chemicals by getting rid of any “backwashing”. Get in touch with pool contractors Austin TX for more information on these new and innovative filters.


Upgrade your pump. A pump that incorporates a variable speed safety vacuum release system protects against any suction entrapment by identifying any change in vacuum pressure. As such, this system can actually save a life. The vacuum release is activated in a fraction of a second, the suction line is vented, and the pump shuts off automatically. Not only is this safer, it also offers a great deal of energy efficiency and can therefore help you save money in utility costs.


Change to a digital system. Computer systems that are installed by pool contractors Austin TX can help you control all of your pool and lighting functions from one central panel that can be placed anywhere in the home. You can easily save money and energy by setting the light timers and temperature to suit your pool usage.


Call your trusted pool builder in Austin to get your pool outfitted with these energy- and money-saving devices!