There’s a lot that goes into designing and building a swimming pool, but safety should always come first. This is especially true if you have small children or pets at home.

Luckily, pool safety is made easy thanks to innovative pool alarms. These alarms are meant to thwart accidents, which can happen at the blink of an eye. With a pool alarm in place, you’ll be notified right away when someone or something has made their way into the pool and requires immediate attention.

Let’s take a look at some of the different pool alarms available to homeowners. 

Standard Pool Entry Alarms

A basic pool entry alarm does exactly what its name suggests: the alarm will be set off when someone enters the pool. These alarms work through the use of a surface wave detection sensor that senses when the water moves, even slightly. These alarms can either be affixed to the edge of the pool or float in the water.

You’ll need to take the floating type of alarm in and out of the water with each use, as it’s not meant to be permanently attached to the pool. Otherwise, the alarms that are attached to the pool’s edge can be left permanently. 

Some of these entry alarms even have infrared motion detection, which works much like a motion-detector alarm that’s used to alert homeowners when there’s a potential burglary. 

User Entry Alarms

There are also alarms that can be worn by people and pets, especially those considered to be more at risk of falling into the pool, such as young children or the elderly. These types of alarms can come in a couple of formats, including a wristband or collar, along with the base. Once the sensor gets wet, the base will go off to alert you of someone in the pool.

Gate Alarms

You should always have a gate surrounding the pool, whether it’s directly surrounding the pool perimeter or sectioning off the backyard. But you can take this level of safety to another level with a gate alarm. These alarms are set off whenever someone opens the gate, though they do not detect if someone gets in the water.

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