You’ve probably heard of installing a sound system in hot tubs, but this trend has expanded to include your average swimming pool too. Imagine your next Austin swimming pool party where you entertain your guests with the sounds of their favorite music that they can hear underwater!


How does this happen?


Simple. Sound easily travels through water as well as air. Actually, sound can move through water more than 4 times faster compared to the air! This is precisely how ocean life like dolphins and whales “speak” with each other underwater. That same science can be applied to pool technology to create a sound system that you and your guests can enjoy year round. Sound waves that travel quickly under water are emitted from the underwater speakers and bounce off of all sides of the pool, as well as the water’s surface. Anyone who is in the pool will be able to clearly hear the music all around them.


Obviously, a pool sound system would be an incredible addition to any backyard party. Music is an absolute must-have for any pool party, and allowing the music to be played underwater just takes the mood to a whole new level.


But parties aren’t the only event where music can come into play. What about your workouts? For a rigorous workout have the music that motivates you readily available to accommodate your moves and keep you focused.


Talk to Your Austin Pool Builder About Underwater Sound Systems


If you’ve made the decision to have an underwater sound system installed in your pool, have a chat with your Austin, TX swimming pool builders. Discuss the services that come with constructing the pool. You might want to find out if your custom pool builder has any recommended designers on hand to assist you in planning and designing your underwater sound system with your swimming pool. They’ll be able to show you how such equipment operates and answer any questions you might have about maintaining the system, as well as your swimming pool.


Call your Austin custom swimming pool builder today!