A swimming pool can be as simple or luxurious as you want it to be, and reputable pool builders Austin Texas have various ways to create the most opulent pool you can imagine. If you want to up the luxury factor in your pool, then consider adding a stunning waterfall for added visual appeal.

Waterfalls make the ideal addition to any pool as they give homeowners the opportunity to fully customize the pool’s overall design. The waterfalls themselves can be personalized to create a truly unique feature to increase the style and sophistication of any pool.

There are plenty of designs for you to choose from to enhance the look of your entire backyard space.

Rainforest Waterfalls

There’s nothing more serene than the sound of gentle rushes of falling water that’s common in rainforests, and these types of waterfalls are meant to closely mimic the sounds you’d hear in the midst of nature. Rainforest waterfalls are generally installed along a wall of natural stones or rocks where the waterfall pours out on a downward slope. These waterfalls are perfect for pools that are in the shape of a lagoon to create the look of a tropical oasis, though they can be installed in pools of any shape.

Curtain Waterfalls

For a more modern and contemporary look, a curtain waterfall or water sheer can be a great addition to a pool. These types of waterfalls create the look of a curtain because of the straight descent from the water’s exit point to the pool’s entry point. Curtain waterfalls look best when installed as a single sheer or three separate sheers.

Arched Waterfalls

An arch waterfall creates an elegant look to a pool and is best when the water is emitted from a stone spout, allowing a thin stream of water to gently make its way into the pool. As the water nears the surface of the pool, the flow of water narrows.

To have a decorative waterfall added to your pool, get in touch with professional pool builders in Austin Texas today!