You may have noticed that the color of pool water in a magazine or a website may not be the same as it is in person. Or, you may also have noticed that different pools may have different color water, even with the exact same interior or lining. 

And even the same pool may look like its water has changed color from one day to the next. While this may seem odd, it is normal, as there are plenty of factors that play a role in the color of pool water. 

Here are some reasons why pool water colors change or differ from one pool to another.

Pool Depth 

This may be a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning. The depth of the water will determine its color. Shallow water will allow you to see the finish of the interior more clearly than deep water. Even interiors finished with very dark colors can seem much lighter in shallow water. Generally speaking, the deeper the water, the more of a change you will notice in the water color.


Sunny days typically lead to brighter water colors. Plus, the surface of the pool will reflect the color of the sky on that particular day. On the other hand, an overcast day will usually make the water color appear more gray and dull. Under these conditions, you’re seeing the pool finish more than the water itself. 

Glass Beads

Because of their reflective properties, glass beads have a tendency to reflect colors back into the water, which can alter the look of the water’s color. 

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