Building a pool requires a lot more than just digging a hole, pouring concrete, then filling it with water. There’s a lot that goes into pool construction in Austin, TX, and there are a few ways that your pool can be built. 

One way to ensure solid pool construction is the use of gunite. Gunite swimming pools not only allow for sturdy pool construction, but they also provide impeccable flexibility in design and unparalleled aesthetics. But what exactly is gunite, and how is it used in swimming pool construction?

What is Gunite?

Gunite is a concrete blend of cement, sand, and water. The material is applied to the pool area using a high-pressure hose. After being allowed to cure, the gunite turns into rock solid material that creates a hard structure.

While gunite on its own is incredibly strong, it’s typically combined with steel, which is another strong material used in pool construction. Once the pool area has been excavated, a network of steel bars is installed and placed at specific intervals to create a frame that resembles a cage and extends throughout the whole pool area. 

The steel cage is suspended a few inches up in order to avoid it touching the ground beneath. This space will eventually be filled in by the gunite material that is sprayed in at high velocity. This will create the solid pool floor and walls. 

Gunite can allow for all sorts of shapes and curves, which is why it’s an attractive material to use when building a fully customized pool. 

Once the gunite cures, plaster is typically applied on top. This material helps to ensure a waterproof surface that is also visually pleasing. 

If you’re considering having a pool installed in your backyard, get in touch with your local Austin TX pool builder today!