Tanning ledges, Bahama decks, Baja Shelves…there are many different names for this growing trend in swimming pool design, but what are they?

Very simply, a tanning ledge is a raised area of your swimming pool, measuring 12″ or less, in depth. Depending on intended use and space available, tanning ledges can vary greatly in size and function. It creates a great destination for beginning swimmers to acclimate to the pool environment, as well as a terrific place for relaxing in a lounge chair and cooling off without having to fully submerge.  Typically pool steps are added to allow easy entry/exit to the shallow end, as well as add another seating area.

In addition to functionality, the Bahama decks also provide a tremendous visual upgrade to the pool design.  Adding a bubbler or two can quickly take your swimming pool from ordinary to backyard oasis, for very little additional cost.  Another option is adding a show-stopping Star Floor to the ledge, creating a one of a kind look that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Baja shelves, or Tanning ledges, can be incorporated into almost any design, both geometric, or free-form, and add great functionality and a unique aesthetic to any swimming pool.  For more information, please contact the Reliant Pools design team.