Having a swimming pool in the backyard of your Austin home can provide you and your family with the perfect way to cool off from the summer heat. But there are other ways to keep fresh while still enjoying your pool with the addition of a poolside shade structure. 

These structures can provide you and your guests with a comfortable area to relax in after a dip in the pool. And even if you’re not swimming, these structures can add a great deal of style and functionality to your outdoor space. The features of your shade structure can pair really well with other landscaping designs in space. 

Depending on your needs and the layout of your backyard, you’ll have several design options available to you to choose from. 

Here are just some reasons why you may want to consider adding a shade structure next to your Austin swimming pool.

Protection From the Sun

Not only do shade structures give you a great space to cool off, but they can also protect against the harsh rays of the sun. When the kids pop in and out of the pool, there’s little need to continuously reapply sunscreen, especially if part of the pool area will be shaded from these structures. 

Keep Debris Out of Your Pool

Shade structures placed near your pool can help keep a lot of debris out of the water, including leaves and other things. This is especially true if there are trees near your pool. As such, you may find yourself not spending as much time fishing leaves out of the water.

Add Privacy to the Pool Area

Depending on how close your neighbors are to your backyard area, you may find that a shade structure can offer you an added layer of privacy, which you’ll appreciate when you’re sunbathing. These structures can allow you to enjoy your pool without always feeling like you’re on display with your neighbors. 

If you’re looking to add a shade structure to your pool area, get in touch with your trusted Austin pool builders today!