How great would it be to simply open the back door and jump right into your own pool when the mercury on the thermostat starts to rise. That’s the beauty of having your own swimming pool installed by Austin pool builders.

But as awesome as this may sound, it’s a big decision and even bigger investment. So, before installing a swimming pool at home, make sure you have a few important questions answered first. 

Can my backyard handle a pool?

Depending on the size, shape, and elevation of your backyard, a swimming pool may or may not make sense. That said, expert Austin pool builders are fully capable of making a pool work in just about any yard, so the answer to the above question will almost certainly be “yes”.

How much should I spend?

Your budget should always be an important factor when deciding not just whether or not to install a pool, but what type of pool to install. You may have a big budget to work with, but you also don’t want to max yourself out. 

Always account for additional costs that you may not have initially anticipated. That way, it won’t hurt your pocketbook if you have to fork over a bit more. Consider adding another 10% to your budget to account for these unexpected expenses. 

How will I maintain the pool?

Having a swimming pool in your backyard requires a lot of maintenance. You’ll need to make sure the pool water is sanitized and the pool equipment is in good working order. 

Ensure you have enough time and desire to care for your pool. Otherwise, consider whether you have enough funds in the budget to pay someone to maintain the pool for you.

What safety features should I include?

Safety should always come first when it comes to a backyard pool. Consider features that you will add to make sure everyone is safe, especially small kids and pets. You can install things such as a barrier fence, pool alarm, locking gates, and others to keep everyone safe, as well as to comply with local bylaws.

Your local Austin pool builders at Reliant Pools will be happy to answer all these questions for you, and more. Reach out today!