A swimming pool on its own is enough to create the perfect focal point in your backyard. But adding a water feature can really make a significant difference in the look of your pool. And there are so many options to choose from to customize your backyard oasis.

Let’s go over some of the options you have when it comes to adding a water feature to your Austin swimming pool.

1. Waterfalls

Perhaps the more common type of water feature for swimming pools is the classic waterfall. This type of water feature provides pools with a wonderful natural vibe that is reminiscent of untamed waterfalls and grottos that you’d see out in the wild. You can add a waterfall that slides off rocks (real or fake) or within grottos, for instance, to instantly add some drama to your pool.

2. Rain Curtains

Rain curtains are designed to resemble a falling wall of water. These dramatic water features are usually installed on a wall, a pergola roof, or anywhere else that allows the water to fall in such a way that it creates a curtain effect. Rain curtains are perfectly suited for more luxurious, high-end swimming pools thanks to the glamorous look they provide.

3. Cascades

A water cascade is another amazing water feature that can completely transform the look and feel of any pool. These features resemble horizontal strips of falling water. 

The thin water stream is almost see-through, and the quietness of the fall of water can create a tranquil ambience. Water cascades are perfect for pools that have a more contemporary design. 

4. Fountains

Another classic water feature is the water fountain, which shoots water into the air from within your pool water. These fountains can be installed as part of the pool structure, or they can even float. There are also added light features that can be incorporated into your water fountain feature for added effect.

A water feature can completely revamp the look of your pool. Get in touch with your trusted Austin pool builder today to discuss all your water feature options.