Electrical Safety by your Austin area Pool Builder

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Swimming Pool Electrical Safety

Here are some safety tips concerning electricity your swimming pool builder should be aware of and will want to relay to you regarding pool safety.

1. This is obvious to most, but always avoid swimming if there is a chance of lightning. Pools are connected to a litany of pipes and electric lines. Lightning strikes near this network can cause an electric shock to people located anywhere near the swimming pool.

2. Have a rule of 10 feet when it comes to electrical appliances. Lights, stereos, and other electrical items should come no closer than 10 feet to the pool or spa.

3. When having your equipment repaired remeber to make sure you are following the most up to date guidelines for safety when making the repair. Typically consulting your equipment manufacturer’s website is the best resource for this.

4. Make sure to turn off all of your swimming pool equipment before attempting to service or repair it. If the automation automatically turns something on it could be a disaster for the person or the equipment.

5. If at anytime you feel an electrical tingle or shock near the pool immediately shut off all electricity to the pool equipment. This can come from many different sources so you should call a professional to come out and diagnose where the electrical leakage is coming from.

This is a small list of tips for swimming pool safety when it comes to electricity. Please use your best judgment and error on the side of caution when it comes to electricity and your swimming pool enjoyment.

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December 17, 2015