Having a spa within the vicinity of your Austin swimming pool offers an added layer of enjoyment. Not only does your pool provide you with an outlet to cool off, exercise, or hang out with family and friends, but a spa offers an additional way to relax and unwind in your own backyard, while also offering a therapeutic component.

But rather than simply having a spa in your backyard, why not attach it directly to your pool! Incorporating the spa with the pool itself can make things much more convenient for bathers. While a spa can be installed in any area of your backyard, attaching one directly to your swimming pool can really amp up the recreational aspect of your outdoor oasis.

Why Attach a Spa to Your Pool?

Whether you already have a spa and swimming pool in your backyard or you’re thinking about adding them, you’ll want to consider whether to attach your spa to your pool or leave it separate. Both options offer a fun and relaxing addition to your backyard, but there are some important differences to think about. 

Here are some perks to having your spa attached to your swimming pool:

  • Easily and conveniently move from the pool to the spa, and vice versa
  • No need to test the water separately
  • Expanded pool area
  • Boost your pool’s design

Of course, there are also some downsides to an attached spa to consider before making your decision:

  • Pumps may not be as powerful compared to separate spas
  • Bench seating may not be as flexible or comfortable
  • Potentially higher operational costs 

Whatever you choose, be sure to entrust the service of your local Austin TX pool builder to help install your spa and swimming pool!