If you have a swimming pool in your Austin backyard, there are several issues that you should be aware of that can creep up and require attention. Here are some of the more common ones to keep in mind.

Cracks in the Walls

Cracks can easily occur in the walls of your swimming pool, especially if the weather is all over the map. If you notice a crack in your pool’s wall, it’s important to have it looked at before the problem worsens. Luckily, this type of issue can be easily and quickly repaired and resurfaced by professionals.

Issues With the Filter

Another common issue that homeowners see with their pools is a malfunctioning filter. It’s possible for the filter to stop working efficiently if it is not changed regularly. When this happens, it may be necessary to change the cartridge or give it a thorough cleaning.

Issues With the Lighting

Pool lights may often be overlooked, but they make a huge difference in the functionality and visual appeal of your swimming pool. Unfortunately, problems with your pool’s lighting may arise from time to time.

Sometimes, the pool lights may wear out, which requires them to be changed. But there may be times when the issue is a little more involved that may require the help of a pool repair professional in Austin.

Issues With the Heater

While it’s not necessary to have a heater to keep the water warm in your swimming pool thanks to Austin’s mild to hot temperatures, many homeowners still choose to have a heater installed to ensure the water is always kept at a specific temperature. But like other pool equipment, the heater can also give out at some point.

When this happens, it’s necessary to call in the experts to have it fixed.

Issues With the Pump Motor

A common problem with inground pools has to do with the pump motor. Since the pump motor has several moving parts, it can be vulnerable to faltering. One of the biggest culprits in failed pump motors is low-quality pool water. That’s why it’s so important to keep your water clean and sanitized at all times.

When there are issues with the pump motor, the water will not heat up, circulate, or filter properly.