Having your very own pool in your backyard can bring you and your family plenty of enjoyment all year round, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be on full display when you’re out there. Adding some level of privacy around your swimming pool would be ideal, but how exactly do you do that without taking away from the esthetics of your pool and backyard as a whole?


Trees and Hedges


One of the best ways to add some privacy to your pool area is by planting some greenery. Not only are trees and hedges functional, they are also attractive to look at as well. Place a perimeter of greens around your pool or backyard area in order to create a secluded space that can help enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space while simultaneously adding some natural elements to the area. Mix things up with evergreens, shrubs, flowering plants, and dense hedges to create some depth and dimension.


Privacy Fences


Depending on the options your Austin pool builder offered, the thought of installing a fence around the perimeter of your pool might conjure up thoughts of confinement. But today’s fence options are seemingly endless and provide homeowners with a wide array of choices in terms of materials and style. You can easily customize a look that suits your home as well as other elements in your backyard. You might want to go with cedar wood, pressure treated wood, aluminum, or wrought iron covered in ivy or other greenery to add some privacy while also adding a level of safety to your pool area as well.


Privacy Walls


To take things a step further from fencing, you might want to consider adding a wall around your pool area. Custom masonry and decorative stone walls offered by Austin pool builders can block your pool area from view of the neighbors or passersby. The ideal location and height of your wall depends on a number of factors, such as the slope of your property. Stone walls are durable, sturdy, and can be made to look as natural as possible. Not only that, they can be built in several different sizes to meet the needs of your property.


If adding some privacy around your pool area is on your agenda, contact your trusted pool builder in Austin, Texas today!