Preservation of Protected Trees and Other Natural Areas in Your Austin, TX Backyard


Building and installing a pool in your Austin, TX home’s backyard – along with all the landscaping and hardscaping that typically goes along with it – requires a certain amount of pre-planning. While there are the obvious components to consider – such as pool shape, size, type of stone for the surrounding surface, and greenery to plant – there are also city codes that need to be adhered to prior to completing any sort of planting and landscaping.


If there are any trees and other natural areas within the vicinity of where you’re planning to install a pool or any landscaping or hardscaping, you need to do your best to ensure that they are not disturbed or harmed during the process. City codes require that any proposed developments are able to show that any trees that are present are adequately preserved as much as possible.


Basically, ‘tree preservation’ refers to the preservation of the trees’ root systems. A Critical Root Zone Area (CRZ) will be assigned to all trees based on the size (in diameter) of the trunk. At least 50% of the Critical Root Zone must be left undisturbed in order to attain minimal compliance to these regulations.


Plans are drawn out with trees placed to scale with Critical Root Zone circles centered on where each tree base is located. The formula used on such plans is as follows:


Tree diameter (in inches) multiplied by 2, then converted to feet = CRZ diameter. For instance, a tree with a 20″ diameter trunk is represented by a 40′ diameter circle. The Critical Root Zone circles are then placed on the proposed improvement plans in order for city staff to be able to review whether or not there will be any disturbance to the trees and other natural areas, and if so, what the extent of such disturbance will be.


The types and sizes of the trees will also be provided. If any trees are removed, they will likely need to be replaced based on how many trees must be removed during the course of the improvement project.


At Reliant Pools, we take extra care not to disturb any existing vegetation. If any disturbance is required in order to complete the project, we ensure full compliance with city codes in regards to tree preservation. Call now to book your consultation with Reliant Pools, your local Austin, Texas swimming pool builders.