Trends are always coming and going in just about every realm of life, and that includes pool lighting. Incorporating lighting into your pool design can not only serve practical purposes, it can also boost the overall aesthetics of the pool itself.


Here are a few lighting trends that you may want to consider asking your pool builder in Austin to implement into your overall pool design.


Efficient Lighting


LED lighting is everywhere, and it is even becoming an increasingly popular element in pool lighting. LED lights are bright, energy efficient, and come in a variety of different colors.


Fiber optic lights are another option for your luxury pool, which can provide a visual enhancement for the pool and the surrounding space. Unlike other light sources that generate a lot of heat and are hot to the touch, fiber optic pool lights don’t produce heat. They’re also waterproof and moisture-resistant, which allows them to be submerged under water without risk of damage.


Floating Lights


You can easily transform your pool from daytime to evening use that calls for more ambient lighting. Soft floating LED lights can compliment your luxury pool, and come in all sorts of shapes, including balloon, floral, and even animal shapes. Just a few floating lights can give off just enough light at night while creating a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy.




Elegant uplighting offers a seemingly endless array of options. For instance, you can uplight your trees, statues, water fixtures, and even exterior walls. Adding uplighting along the furthest perimeters of your backyard can light up the entire space and allow you to enjoy your pool at all times of the day or night.


Overhead Lighting


Strings of lights don’t necessarily have to be limited to your canopies, pergolas, gazebos, or awnings. Take them a step further to your pool to illuminate the entire surface area of the water to create truly glorious sight! Commercial grade string lights can add dimension and depth to your pool and the entire backyard.


To discover more trends in pool design, contact your local Austin, Texas pool builders today!