Designing to a budget

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One very important decision to make at the start of any project is the budget amount.  How much do  you feel comfortable spending on your project?  A lot of my potential customers are hesitant to throw a number out there, because many of them don’t have a concept of what a swimming pool will cost.  Without knowing what they expect to spend, however, it is difficult to ascertain the scope of the project they are envisioning.  Once you have a budget, it is possible to move forward to discuss pool size, shape, style, decking, and potential water features for the project, as well as various other items that generate cost, so that the design can meet the customer’s expectations.  The other thing to take into consideration is that once the pool is complete, there are still other parts of the project to finish.  Landscaping, irrigation repair, landscape lighting, sod replacement, and fencing should be considered, so leave room in your budget to address all of these items that will enhance the overall project and maximize your enjoyment of your backyard.

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