Take your Austin, Texas swimming pool to the next level by incorporating light and movement to your overall design. Whether you’re planning to install a brand new pool or are looking to upgrade to your existing one, investing in light systems and water features can provide you with innovative ways to boost your pool’s environment and create the precise mood that you’re looking for.


Most swimming pool design elements incorporate visual senses, but there’s no reason not to integrate elements that stimulate mood, movement, and sound as well. Components such as waterfalls and lighting products can do wonders at getting all senses involved for a truly enjoyable swimming pool experience right in your own backyard and should be talked over with your Austin pool builder.




Set the mood in your pool and overall landscape with innovative lighting features. Pool lighting can a lot more than just boost visibility and safety when using it at night. There are now much more advanced lights that can be used, from incandescent white pool lights to more decorative multicolored LED lights that come with user-friendly control systems that can allow you to set the precise mood at any given moment. You can easily define your space and provide visual emphasis in certain spots surrounding your pool.


Water in Motion


Waterfalls and other types of water features allow for the serene movement of water that can easily enhance your swimming pool environment and even drown out any background noise. From simple designs like rainfall curtains to more elaborate water features such as large rock waterfalls can add both visual appeal and acoustic pleasure to your swimming pool.


Combining Water and Light


When combined, water and light can create incredible features in your swimming pool that will be hard to take your eyes off. From lit-up water fountains to light-filled beams of streaming water, there are several ways to incorporate both water and light into your pool’s features to create a truly magical outdoor environment.


Call your trusted Austin TX swimming pool builders to create a unique pool environment in your home today!