Having a swimming pool built by Austin Texas pool builders is enough of a statement piece for your backyard. But the surrounding hardscape can really take your pool to the next level in appearance and function.

Here are some of the more popular hardscaping trends for backyard pools this year.

Natural Stone

You absolutely cannot go wrong with natural stone for your surrounding pool and deck area. It’s a great alternative to concrete and interlocking and is esthetically pleasing, very durable, and comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes to help you create a customized look to your backyard and pool area.

Here are just a few natural stone types you may want to consider for your pool:

  • Travertine – This is our favorite stone at Reliant Pools. We typically use it for coping and additionally for decks on our high end pools. Travertine is very easy to maintain and it doesn’t require sealing. The most maintenance you’ll have is cleaning it off with your garden hose. The best part is it’s durability, it will look just as good 10 year from now as it does today.
  • Flagstone – This type of natural stone typically comes in earth tones to create a non-slip surface, which is important for safety around a pool. Flagstone is not just pretty, but it also holds up to lots of traffic.
  • Slate – This is a type of flagstone that is is also very durable, easy to install, and can be cut into any different shape or size to create a custom look.

Water Features

Water features like fountains and pool waterfalls add an air of sophistication to a pool space and backyard. They’re particularly trendy this year because they’re able to give the yard area a boost while still blending in easily with the entire outdoor space. Austin Texas pool builders are frequently asked to install water features in backyard pool areas.


While it’s perfectly fine to add natural colors and neutral hues, adding a splash of bold color can really make your backyard space and pool area stand out. From vibrant colors in mosaic tile, to pool accessories, to area rugs and beyond, a pop of color can be just what your pool area needs to amplify its esthetics.

Mosaic Pathways

If the space permits, you may want to consider adding a mosaic path to your pool area. This element can easily provide a wonderful design to your yard while enhancing its beauty. They can be made with tile, glass, shells, pebbles, and any other type of material that can help you create a specific pattern and design.