When it comes to installing a pool in the home of your backyard, you’ve got plenty of options in terms of design, shape, and size. No matter how much space you have to work with in your backyard, there’s a perfect pool design for you.

But choosing the size and shape of your pool is only the beginning, as there are plenty of other features you might want to add, such as a waterfall, lights, and so forth. Further, there are plenty of pool accessories that you can add after the pool has been constructed by a swimming pool builder Austin, TX. These days, there is certainly plenty to choose from.

Here are some accessories you might want to outfit your pool with to maximize your enjoyment and turn your pool into a party.

In-Ground Alarm

Inground pool alarms play a key role in the safety of all those who are around the vicinity of the pool, especially small children. If a child, pet, or anyone else who does not know how to swim falls into the pool, the in-ground pool alarm would sound to let you know that someone has fallen into the water.

Floating Lights

If you want to add a certain ambiance to your pool, floating lights are perfect. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from simple balls to more elaborate and intricate flowers.

Pool Slides

Take the fun of your pool to new heights with a pool slide. From the twisting types to more straightforward turning slides, this fun-filled accessory can help add a huge level of excitement to your pool, and can be easily matched to your pool deck that’s been installed by your swimming pool builder Austin, TX.

Floating Speaker and Light

Turn up the energy at your pool party with a floating speaker and light system! The speaker is completely sealed and waterproof, making it perfect for exposure to the water. You can use your bluetooth-compatible media player to enjoy your favorite songs with high-quality sound that can be synced to an awesome light show.

After having your pool built by a swimming pool builder Austin, TX, ramp it up by adding any number of accessories to it for the ultimate in enjoyment!