Who said lawn chairs and loungers need to be strictly kept on the deck around the swimming pool? Rather than sweating it up in the Austin, Texas sun and having to jump into the pool to fight the heat, why not sit directly in the pool itself to keep you cool and comfortable while you enjoy the southern sun?

You may have seen it at swimming pool areas at resorts, but recessed seating in a pool can be something your very own backyard boasts. This unique swimming pool features a seating area that’s located directly inside the pool so that everybody can enjoy the pool together, socializing and enjoying each other’s company. They’re even great for sunbathing on your own, keeping you cool while relaxing. Whatever the social setting may be, recessed seating is something to discuss with your Austin custom pool builder.

Considerations For Recessed Seating

If you’re considering adding recessed seating in your pool, there are certain things that you will need to consider, but perhaps the most important is the entry point. You might decide on some stepping stones that are concealed by the pool or even a bridge that makes the entire setting even more incredible.

The actual seats you choose is another consideration to make. If you want cushioned chairs, make sure the pillows are specifically designed to be partially submerged in water so that they provide comfort without getting worn down so quickly.

Can You Add Recessed Seating to an Existing Swimming Pool?

Absolutely. Just because you’ve already got a pool built in Texas doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to add recessed seating after the fact. In actuality, recessed seating is just one of the many features that you may choose to add to your existing pool.

To revamp your existing pool or install a brand new one, be sure to call your local Austin swimming pool builder today!