If you already have a swimming pool installed in your Austin TX home, chances are it could use a little updating as the years pass by. Like any other component of your home, your swimming pool may need a little attention to keep it looking up-to-date and fully functional. Consider some of the following tips to help upgrade your swimming pool.

Add LED lights. The addition of LED lights can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your pool. Additional lighting can allow you to create ambiance in the pool area while also illuminating the area for more functionality and safety. And with today’s modern technology, you can add lights that can change color for a little added fun. 

Add a firepit somewhere in the yard adjacent to your swimming pool. You can quickly and easily enhance the entire backyard with a fire pit. And in many cases, you can even have a fire pit installed somewhere within the pool itself. 

Install a sun shelf. Also known as a tanning ledge or Baja shelf, a sun shelf can allow you to soak in the sun’s rays while keeping cool without having to be fully immersed in the pool water. Plus, it’s a great spot for little kids to splash around. 

Resurface the deck. If the deck area around your pool is looking a little tired, consider having it resurfaced. Changing the deck area can make a big difference to the aesthetics of your entire backyard. 

Upgrade your pool pump. In terms of efficiency, a new pool pump may be in order. Today’s pool pumps are energy efficient, which can save you money to keep your pool operational. 

For more ideas on how to upgrade your existing pool, get in touch with your local Austin TX swimming pool builders today!