Everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious these days, and while there are plenty of ways to be more gentle on the earth, the type of pool you have is one of them!


These days, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing systems and products like variable speed pumps that can be incorporated into their new pools to make them more environmentally friendly.


Eco-Friendly Pool Sanitation


Reducing or eliminating chemicals to keep pools free of germs and safe for swimming is becoming a staple on the agenda of pool owners. While chlorine has long been the most popular type of chemical used to keep pool water clean, there are some drawbacks to it, including causing skin and eye irritation.


More eco-friendly options include UV sterilization systems which kill 99% of micro organism, resulting in the use of much less chlorine. In the past salt systems were popular for the same reasons as UV, however salt systems are very corrosive to equipment, decks, and rock work. A seasoned Austin pool builder should warn you of these drawbacks to salt systems.


Geothermal and Solar Heating


Rather than heating the pool water with a standard gas heater, ask your Austin pool builder about the more eco-friendly options available that are both easy on the environment and on your wallet. Solar heaters provide a cost-effective means of using solar energy as they rely on the sun to keep the temperature of the pool water comfortable.


With geothermal heating, you don’t have to depend on the weather to keep your pool water warm and comfortable. As opposed to solar heating systems that may require a backup source if the weather doesn’t cooperate, geothermal heating depends on the earth’s temperature to heat the pool water, which makes it a more reliable heat source.


If you’re interested in slashing your pool maintenance costs while having less of an impact on the environment, you’ve got options. Contact your local Austin, TX swimming pool builder today!