There are so many ways to create a truly unique swimming pool in your Austin home’s backyard. And while some features have been tried and true – including water features and attached spillover spas – others may not be as commonly known.

If you’re looking to add some sophistication and aesthetic appeal to your pool, consider these unique features.

Tanning Ledge

There’s no shortage of sun in Austin, TX. And rather than sweltering in the heat to catch a few rays, you can keep your core temperature down while lounging on your pool’s tanning ledge. Being partially submerged in the water is the perfect way to get that sun-kissed look, and Austin pool builders can easily incorporate this feature in your pool if you so desire. 

Fire Bowls

Having a fire pit adjacent to your pool or somewhere in the vicinity is a great way to end off a day of frolicking in the pool. Not only are they great for drying off and warming up, but they serve as stunning decor. 

Fire bowls, in particular, are a great feature to add. They’re exactly what they sound like – bowls of fire. Adding just a couple can do wonders for the visual appeal of your pool.

Underwater Art

Anyone who likes to peek underneath the water while swimming will appreciate pool walls and floors that are decked out in artwork. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the type of creation you’d like to see. For instance, a fitting idea would be to create an underwater aquarium that makes the pool look like you’re swimming with the creatures of the sea! 

If you’re looking to revamp your pool, reach out to your local Austin pool builders at Reliant Pools!