After much contemplation, you’ve finally decided to have a swimming pool installed in your Austin home’s backyard. It’s an exciting prospect, especially when considering how much joy a pool can provide your family and how much the structure can completely transform your outdoor space.

But now comes the more important question: who should you hire to build your pool? What traits should you look for when finding and selecting the right Austin pool builder?

Licensed and Insured

Your Austin pool builder should absolutely come with the proper licensing that complies with local requirements. The state of Texas has licensing requirements that swimming pool contractors must follow, so any company that’s installing pools should be fully licensed in the state. 

Not only that, but the builder should also come with comprehensive insurance. That way, if any mishaps occur, both you and the contractor are protected.  

References and Portfolio

Ideally, the pool builder in Austin that you work with should have an extensive track record of successful pool installations. Previous clients should also be happy to leave positive reviews of the contractor that you can read. Further, your pool contractor should be able to provide you with a portfolio of completed projects to give you an idea of their work.

Modern Tools

Coming up with a proper design and bringing it to fruition not only requires a lot of talent and know-how, but also the right tools. In today’s modern world, pool contractors should be using all the technology they have available to them to design and install swimming pools. 

Open Communication

No matter what type of work you’re doing in your home, you want to have open communication with your contractor, and a pool installation is no exception. The Austin pool builder you work with should be easy to get in touch with if you ever have any questions or concerns. Ideally, more than one channel of communication should be available if you ever need to reach them.

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